Creative Development and Creative Exchange are rooted in the creative sector.  For the past decade, we have championed the role of the creative business in society and its considerable contribution to the economy.  Our projects have included assisting 40 creative businesses - an important part of tourism and retail sectors in Brighton, helping an individual curator and artist develop commercially. advising post-graduates at the University of the Arts in business development and a number of highly successful ERDF projects in North London.

We employ our own method of business support that is better suited to the creative and cultural industries which helps them develop business skills, networking and expansion into new markets including collaborating with others to win larger contracts.


Brighton is famous for its creative flavour and it is  the small business in this sector which  do much to  support   the economy , especially the tourism industry.

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We are proactive in areas of regeneration developing the creative and cultural industries to kick-start local economies.

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We have a programme designed to assist the creative business develop and grow, working with small start ups and more mature organisations who are changing gear, meeting new challenges and needing specialist help in a particular area . We are working with The University of the Arts advising graduates as they progress their careers. Many of the businesses became long term clients.


In conjunction with ARTISTPROFILE magazine,  Creative Development is organising  a collaborative exhibition involving 5 prominent Australian artists working together with 5 prominent UK based artists painting on location in Portugal.

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